Corruption, citizen participation and transparency in Mexico: Reflections on the role and strategies of the public administration in the face of SARS- CoV-2

Moïse Lindor


In Mexico, recurrent corruption has harmed the most vulnerable groups experiencing poverty and socio-economic discrimination. In the context of the COVID-19 pandemic, administrative procedures can present a number of obstacles and irregularities in the health sector that clearly demonstrate the challenge governments face in creating better strategies to deliver effective public services, foster citizen participation, and a culture of transparency to combat corruption, promoting good governance. During the pandemic, some sales of health materials at exorbitant prices and citizen lawsuits against certain health workers seeking sexual favors for medical care and respirators in some federal states have been reported. Therefore, the purpose of this article is to describe the role and intervention of public administration in public health during the pandemic. This is a qualitative descriptive research in which the biblio-hermeneutic methodology is used to interpret and explain the current situation. At the end of the work, various unfinished expensive works, favoritism and late operation due to poor economic and administrative management are exhibited.


Corruption, Governance, Transparency, Citizen Participation, Sex favors

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