Technological Transfer University - Industry in Mexico: The case of the Technological Universities

José David De Ita


The investigation goal was the identification of opportunities in the factors for the technological transfer of the subsystem of Technological Universities in Mexico. The referents were the existing factors in the models such as the Triple Helix, the Dynamic Model, the Interactive Model and the Anglo-Saxon and Nordic countries models for technological transfer because of its successful application in a context of economic competitiveness. The methodology used was the study of cases with the selection and identity of factors for technological transfer as the unit of analysis and the pertinent cases selection to the subsystem of Technological Universities. The results show the patterns of the technological transfer factors of the analyzed models, integrating them in a single relation as a reference for the study of the Technological Universities case, likewise, the documented factors of the National Autonomous University of Mexico and the National Polytechnic Institute are considered as a reference. The conclusions present the existing gaps between the current factors for technological transfer of the Technological Universities subsystem with the patterns identified in the models analyzed.


technological transfer, factors, Technological Universities

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